Developing Compassion for Whiny Toddlers

A few months ago, my husband and I watched the BBC 2009 version of Jane Austen's Emma. One of the classic quotes from it is when Alex Knightley is scolding Emma about making fun of Miss Bates, their poor, elderly unmarried neighbor. He tells Emma something like, "She deserves your compassion, not your contempt, because she is not your equal."

This quote struck me once when Clark was screaming a lot one morning and really getting on my nerves. I wanted to make fun of him to Colton and roll my eyes at his behavior. But then I thought, "He deserves your compassion, not your contempt, because he is not your equal." After all, there is so much he cannot do without me, even down to getting food and water if he is hungry, up to going outside if he is stir crazy. He never deserves my contempt, he always deserves my compassion. 

I still have to remind myself of this regularly. 

Poor little bug is still teething a lot. Also, look at those pillow arms 😍


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