I am a Mediocre Parent.

I don't know this, but I feel like some people might see some of the things I do as a parent and feel bad about themselves. For example, I used cloth diapers, I started potty training Clark at 18 months, I sometimes set up Montessori things for him.

I was thinking the other day of all the things I'm terrible at:

  • Keeping his face clean ("It's just going to get messy again")
  • Keeping his car seat clean (before I had kids I was appalled at how disgusting people let car seats get)
  • Putting pants back on him after he wets them.
  • Keeping him fed (I am getting better at this one, but it has been a struggle).
  • Making sure his outfit matches the temperature (our AC makes both him and me freezing indoors all summer).
  • Yelling at him repeatedly when I am tired or hungry and he does something I have told him not to do, or he is whining.
  • Bathing him more than once or twice a week, maybe less, sometimes I don't keep track (this is the most embarrassing one)
  • Leaving him in the front yard for a minute at a time (we do live in a retirement community of duplexes where there is no street Clark could run into, but still I shouldn't do this).
  • Letting him hang out in the garage without me for however long he wants, where who knows what he could do. I'm just relieved to have him gone.
There you have it.


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