Me Discovering That There Are No Mom Hacks

There are certain things that I have tried to hack as a mom that I am realizing I simply have to put more work into.

For example, toilet learning. I did early potty training with Clark in hopes that he would start taking care of it himself soon. I have been realizing that if I want him to get into the habit of using the potty, I have to be more disciplined before he will be. I have to get up and take him when I know it is time to go. I have to believe that he has to go when he is showing signals even if it is inconvenient and I would be disappointed if nothing ended up coming out. If I am expecting him to change his habits to something less convenient for him, I have to change my habits to something less convenient for me.

On the other hand, with feeding Clark. I have tried to set out lots of snacks for him to eat. But I'm realizing that that results in him eating tiny amounts at a time and being perpetually hungry to the point where he can't get into flow with any work.

And with sleep, I have to be the one to keep track of the time and get him ready for bed early enough that he isn't over tired. If he isn't going to sleep at night, I am the one who has to pay attention to wake time and start waking him up an hour earlier in the morning.

All these things are things that I am responsible for, that if I do, we are all much happier. I have complained a lot about Clark being cranky, in reality it is almost always my fault. When I am on top of his routine, then I know he is cranky either because he is worn out or teething, and I can handle those if I know that's the case.

But yeah, basically I have been realizing that I need to grow up more and the more support I give Clark, the funner he is to be around.


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