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Elimination Communication: 24-25 Months

So Clark was using the potty pretty well at 24 months. But after we went on vacation for a few days, he regressed majorly. On the vacation he kept his diaper dry almost the whole time, until I think maybe the morning of the third day, and it seemed like that threw everything off. After that he peed his pants a LOT for what felt like three weeks. I worked hard on putting pants back on him every time so that least he would have the consequence of having wet pants. Finally, I looked to the troubleshooting section of The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson. She said that the vast majority of the time potty regressions are the child asking for more control. But when I read that I immediately suspected that it was the opposite with Clark. He's not good at pulling his pants down and getting on the potty with pants around his ankles, I had been leaving him to go potty by himself and I assume that he felt like I left him out to dry. So I started taking him every two hours. And just lik