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Attempting to Set Up a Functioning Playroom for Clark

You guys, I finally re-put together Montessori shelves for Clark, using what I already have. I also put together a whole playroom. I decided to do it in our office. Mostly because I realized that I would rather have toys out on the floor in the office than in the living room. It's actually amazing to never have toys strewn around the living room. The other reason is that Colton and I have been working more while Clark is awake, and Clark likes being close to us while we work. I thought it was appropriate to put his Work in the same room where we do our work. And so far it is quite cozy, in a good way. The pieces fill out the room and they look right, where they would get swallowed up in the vastness of the living room. But I also have SUCH a hard time making decisions about it. For example, should I put the kitchen in the playroom or in the kitchen? I know Montessori parents love putting a play kitchen in their kitchen so that their children have their own place to prepare food, bu

I Made a DIY Play Tunnel From Laundry Baskets

I finally cut the bottoms out of our old college laundry baskets so Clark could use them as a tunnel. He LOVED them. Mostly as chimneys to climb in and out of and pop his head out of :) I think I might have to attach them to emphasize the tunnel. As you can see, he also loved putting toys inside them.