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My Backyard Wishlist

 We just bought a house and I’m dreaming of what to put in the yard for my kids. 1. Two Small  Trampolines I want two so that I can enforce having bigger kids and toddlers on separate trampolines, or for older kids, one person on a trampoline. 2. A play enclosure covered with vines This photo and instructions are from 3. 4 Cozy Coupe Cars for the cousins to play traffic 4. Water Table I actually just found this water table at the thrift store last week! Yes! 5. A Simple Mud Kitchen that doesn’t require any tools tools to make Above is one from And here is one from KC Davis on TikTok 6. A Slide big enough for adults to use I haven’t found anywhere to buy one so for now I’m just putting this picture of a really big one that I took in a park.