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Eco-Minimalist, Useful Bulk Stocking Stuffers for Adults for $1-$7 Each

(No affiliate links) Many of us moms need to buy stocking stuffers not only for children, but for adults as well, at least for ourselves and/or our partners, if not others. This year my mom asked her adult children to help out with stocking stuffers for everyone. I had a lot of fun finding inexpensive, quality and useful stocking stuffers that I could buy in bulk for my siblings and parents! I had fun thinking of things that almost any adult would find to be a helpful addition to their life. These are gift ideas that work for anyone. They are generic, yet meaningful in their usefulness. I thought I might as well share the fun with all of you and make double use of the time spent. I can save other moms some time! I only bought a couple of these things, but I thought of a lot of ideas. These are real, useful things that happen to be so small that you can buy a lot for not much money. I also tried to find things that are eco friendly because they make other things last longer or keep you