Eco-Minimalist, Useful Bulk Stocking Stuffers for Adults for $1-$7 Each

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Many of us moms need to buy stocking stuffers not only for children, but for adults as well, at least for ourselves and/or our partners, if not others.

This year my mom asked her adult children to help out with stocking stuffers for everyone. I had a lot of fun finding inexpensive, quality and useful stocking stuffers that I could buy in bulk for my siblings and parents!

I had fun thinking of things that almost any adult would find to be a helpful addition to their life. These are gift ideas that work for anyone. They are generic, yet meaningful in their usefulness.

I thought I might as well share the fun with all of you and make double use of the time spent. I can save other moms some time! I only bought a couple of these things, but I thought of a lot of ideas.

These are real, useful things that happen to be so small that you can buy a lot for not much money.

I also tried to find things that are eco friendly because they make other things last longer or keep you from losing things. A win-win for our wallets and our world.

And they are all useful. They are all things I would be excited to receive as a minimalist.

And most of them have a lot of reviews. I usually only buy things on Amazon when they have at least 500 reviews and are above 4.2 stars. Some of these have fewer reviews than that though.

What I’m trying to say is that this isn’t random crud; it’s been curate by a real life eco minimalist mom.

Under $1 Each

1. Steel Ear Spoons: No more cotton swabs necessary

2. Steel Key Ring Loops: Up your key game. No more dangly chains of interlocking key rings. Get a big loop for all your keys!

3. Keychain hand sanitizers/Refillable Lotion Bottles

4. CordCollar Cord Protectors: Keep the ends of your chargers from getting bent.

5. Keychain Whistles

6. Keychain flashlights

6. Magnetic Cord Ties: Use for anything you would use a twist-tie for, or as a fridge magnet

Under $2 Each:

1. Cable Bites: Protect and identify your cables with cute figures. Yes, please!

2. S Caribeners: Keep your keys on your belt loop or bag without risking that the keys fall off when you open the clasp.

3. Cordable cable ties: A twisty cable tie that stays attached to your charging cord.

4. Eyeglass and phone repair screwdriver keychains: Never misplace that tiny screwdriver again.

5. Clear silicone Boba straws: Clear so you can know they’re clean. Wide so you can drink Boba. The only kind I use.

6. Straw pipe cleaners: To clean the straws

7. Swedish Dish Cloths: Dish cloths, but make them Chic.These are machine washable and take less water and labor to make than cotton dish cloths

8. Keychain Lip Balm Holder: Get through a whole stick of lip balm before you lose it

9. Keychain Pen Holder: Maybe we can stop losing pens

Under $3 Each

1. Silicone Spatulas: Despite being a minimalist, having a few more of these around would definitely spark joy. I’m always running out of the large ones in my set of four of various sizes.

2. Keychain Spork: Never get caught with food and no utensils. Also never have to get utensils with fast food.

3. Live Air Plants: Yayayayay air plants

4. Live Succulents: Do I need to say more?

5. Steel Mechanical Pencils: I can never find a sharpened pencil when I need one

6. Beeswax Food Wrap: It makes me happy

Under $4 Each

1. Collapsible Cup: to keep in your bag so you don’t have to use disposable cups when you forgot your water bottle.

Under $5 Each

2. Keychain Multi Tool: I am going to buy this for myself because it is so cool

4. Keychain Spork: another color with faster shipping at the time I wrote this the week before Christmas 

5. Keychain Spork & Multitool: Has a bottle opener and other useful features

Under $7 Each

1. Brownie Spatula: something that is often wanted and rarely around when needed


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