My Failed Attempt At Daily Sensory Water Table Activities

 For a couple weeks I tried to give Clark a different kind of water play sensory set up every day, but I kind of gave up.

For example, I did reusable ice cubes in the water and gave him a second bin to put them in. I did duplos. I did frogs inside of soap foam. I think the frog one was the last one I did. Clark did not like that one. He acted super distressed that each frog was soapy and wanted to tell me all about it every time he found one. He also disliked digging them out of the soap.

And then, in general, he didn't spend as much time with the bins as I hoped he would. Though that's not completely true since a couple days I think I got 20 minutes out of it. I had a realization during this process that he needs to eat at 2 every afternoon, and usually these activities were bumping into that time and that's largely why he would get unsettled and listless. So basically, I want to try again but starting as soon after 12 o'clock lunch as possible.


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