The Biggest Bane in Trying to Make a Consistent Daily Rhythm is When to Brush Out Teeth

Seriously, this is my biggest hang up. I'd like every daily habit to go in the same order for Clark every day, but I don't want to brush teeth until after we eat, and then I always forget. I guess as I am writing this, now I see that it is very clear that the event teeth brushing can be connected to is the end of breakfast. Seems simple enough. I will try that out.

Seriously though, I feel like no matter how much I may be able to figure out an order for everything else, tooth brushing always throws me off enough that everything else feels like it can't be in order either. That was, until I realized that tooth brushing was the only problem. After I realized that, everything else didn't seem like such a nebulous blob of confusion.

Am I the only one who gets caught up in things like this?


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